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Solar Engineering Services

ASIMOS Company is a powerful partner in the creation of successful Solar Power plants. The offerings include: Engineering design, Equipment supply, Erection and commissioning, Hand-over after successful commissioning.

Design of utility-scale solar PV plants needs technical proficiency to maintain a balance between performance and cost. With maximising energy yield and minimising project cost being the focal point, various factors such as land terrain, plant layout, technology selection and system configuration play an important role. For delivering a sustainable power plant, Developers lay confidence in multidisciplinary teams that provide complete plant design and engineering services.

ASIMOS Company

The Designing Process

  • Site Survey & Feasibility Analysis: Our expert engineers visit the site and conduct feasibility analysis. Obstructions are marked. Array area & cable routing path is decided.
  • 3D Model Rendering & Shadow Simulation: Assimilating all the parameters from the site survey report, a 3d model of the site is created to visualize the installation. A shadow simulation report is made to maximize the generation
  • System Sizing & Drafting: After a site is deemed feasible, designers start drafting array layouts & wiring diagrams, SLDs and earthing layouts.

Design & Engineering Solar Experts

Our team of over 60 electrical and civil engineers has experience of designing multi-GW solar projects in varied countries such as India

Our meticulous project design and development services at all times takes into consideration varied external such as local planning policies, technical and engineering concerns, socio- economic issues, land availability and most importantly grid connection. With in-depth expertise, our electrical engineers have always been successful in project design with an intent.

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers, ensures your project is designed to maximize the energy for your site at each and every stage of design and developmen

We offer affordable and dependable Solar Power Solution & Systems