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  • Be a Proud Producer of Your Own Electricity.
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ASIMOS Company
ASIMOS Company
ASIMOS Company
ASIMOS Company

ASIMOS Company

Why ASIMOS Company?

Experience The Power of The Sun at its Finest.

A pioneer in the solar industry, ASIMOS Company continues to serve as a visionary for the modern solar industry. Creating and delivering clean, cost-effective solar power is our top priority—not a side project to other business interests.

ASIMOS Company offers a broad range of solar products ranging from Solar PV Modules, Solar Water Heating, Solar Lighting to Solar Power Solutions. ASIMOS Company offers turnkey solutions for your solar power plant. ASIMOS Company Solar Packaged solutions are a cost-effective investment, wherever you install them!

  • Solar In
    Agriculture Farm

  • Solar In
    Residential Areas

Customized Expert Solutions To
Utilize Empty Rooftop Spaces And Generate Energy

ASIMOS Solar Solutions

Quality With Dedication
A Passion For The Environment, A Commitment To Community. Enjoy The Sunny Side
ASIMOS Company


We are a fully integrated company who has been vincent a leading service provider of on-site implantation of solar power plant

ASIMOS Company


Our highly experienced engineers, ensures your project is designed to maximize the energy for your site at each and every stage of design

ASIMOS Company


We have an experienced Maintenance division, which takes preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants across the globe.

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